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JSC PolemaIn 1961 the new powder production department was established at the Novotulsky Metallurgical Works. It was conceived as the manufacturing capabilities for application of new concepts and developments of the Central Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy to production. The new workshop dynamically mastered the production of contemporary heat-resistant materials, metal powders, high-purity chromium and composites. Over 40 years of cooperation with the Academy of Sciences, leading Research Institutes and industrial associations the small-scale production capability workshop transformed into the POLEMA JSC the first-rate Russian metal powders production company. Today our company manufactures contemporary materials and articles with unique physicochemical and mechanical properties used by dozens of industries.
1961 - Production of the first commercial batches of Ti, Cr powders and stainless steel
1963 - Production of first Mo-rolled articles.
1964 - Mastering the production of refined chromium
JSC Polema1965-1985 - Steady production growth, 10-folds output increase. Establishing of technological laboratories, electrolysis, metal machining, thermal compensators, composites and contact materials workshops. Reconstruction of rolling and forging workshop. Building and putting into operation of the first-rate Russian production of alloyed powders for coatings. Production of more than 100 new products is settled.
1985-1991 - Reaching the market dominance in coatings powders, Mo and Wo rolling, high-purity chromium, pseudo alloys, contacts assemblies for high-voltage vacuum switches.
JSC Polema1992-1999 - Establishing of the POLEMA JSC. Reconstruction of workshops, organization of chromium sputtering targets, new electro-technical and anti-friction materials production, entering new foreign and domestic markets.
2000-2002 Settling of Wo and Mo powders production, modernization of the refractory metals production and machining workshops, mastering the manufacturing of improved accuracy Mo and Wo sheets, plates, rods, glass melting electrodes, sapphire growing crucibles, materials for use with the oil and gas industries, Mo, Wo, NiCr, Ni targets, and large dimensions Cr targets used with the architectural glass TFT technologies.
In 2004 Polema JSC became part of Industrial Metallurgical Holding.